Skydive Qatar is a world-class skydiving facility. We integrate advanced training programs while enjoying the sport of skydiving with new and experienced jumpers alike. We offer Tandem Skydiving, AFF training programs and modern facilities for our clients and  experienced jumpers.


Our dropzone location provides some of the best and most consistent weather for skydive operations in the region.

While that makes for a great place to come and enjoy a day of skydiving, it also increases the need for us to be mindful of what we are doing. Our sport carries heavy consequences for the complacent skydiver and everyone around them. But complacency isn’t always the main cause of accidents - sometimes it’s just because two people weren’t on the same page about something as simple as the direction of the landing pattern.


When you visit Skydive Qatar for the first time we will discuss the rules of the DZ, and everything from how we load the aircraft to how and where it is acceptable to land our canopies at Skydive Qatar.

Skydive Qatar

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يقدم سكاي دايف قطر العديد من البرامج في مجال القفز المظلي مع كادر من أصحاب الخبرة العالية،، كما يوفر سكاي دايف قطر القفز الترادفي لمن يرغبون في تجربة القفز لأول مرة ،، كما يقدم العديد من الدورات التي تؤهلك للحصول على رخصة   القفز المظلي معتمدة 

مجموعة الجزيرة الدولية مبنى 36 الطابق 3 ، شارع جوعان بن حمد  السد ، الدوحة ، قطر
صندوق بريد: 96063

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